By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Strange Historical Photos That Somebody Needs To Explain…What Is Nancy Regan Doing With Mr T?

Even though the old saying claims that history is doomed to repeat itself, it's hard to believe that when you look through historical photos. They're all unique and seem to represent completely different times in our worlds cultural and social history.

Below are 30 of these unique and interesting photos, many of which may inspire you to learn more about the decade and people they represent. History may not repeat itself, but these photos will definitely make you look twice.

#1. A caravan of camels strolling by the Giza pyramid in 1860.

#2. Bedouin women, who were the desert nomads of Jerusalem.

#3. Max & Miriam Yasgur, owners of the farm where Woodstock was held. This photo was taken the day after the festival in 1969.

#4. A vending machine that sold pre-lit cigarettes in 1931.

#5. The first telephone pay station in Los Angeles, which was installed in 1899. The 50¢ per minute call to San Francisco would cost nearly $14 per minute in today’s dollars.

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