By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Rare Historical Photos That Will Make You Think Differently About The Past.

If you love all things old, ancient, and historical, you're going to love these photos. Taken from archives from all over the world, these images are a history-lovers dream -- and they're pretty awesome to look at for the rest of us, too.

If you've ever wondered what America's major cities looked like at the turn of the century, or what countries across the world had going on before we got there, look no further. These images provide some incredible insight into the past. #19 will truly surprise you.

#1. A Mercury engine being worked on in Chicago in 1936.

#2. A harvest in 1940's Manchuria .

#3. Women Munition Workers known as the "Canary Girls." in WWII. Their work caused their skin to turn yellow, and even turned the skin of their babies.

#4. George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley visiting the Great Wall during Wham!'s 10-day tour of China, making them the first Western group to do so.

#5. A 19th century Georgian tribe of Hevrusians.

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