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30 WTF Historical Photos That Will Make You Glad To Be Alive In 2016.

We often look back at the past in disbelief of how people were able to live differently from the way we do today. Without iPhones, for example. Newcomers fail to realize that our present is fairly new, and that those "ancient" times that include clunky inventions and tailored outfits were not that long ago. Many years from now, our grandchildren and great grandchildren will look back at the way we live today and scratch their heads wondering how we could have survived without the iPhone 20s, or something even newer. So it goes.

Browse through this fascinating collection of historical photos from 1899 to 1989, starting with Nikola Tesla. What photos of today's world do you think future generations will be fascinated by?

#1. 1899: Nikola Tesla in a multiple exposure picture with his Magnifying transmitter.

#2. 1910: A view of Manhattan.

#3. 1914: A post office in Searsburg, Vermont. The population at the time was between 130-140 people.

#4. March 22, 1916: A peek at an impromptu performance put together by Russian soldiers during a lull in the First World War.

#5. 1917: French soldiers blinded from the war learn how to make baskets.

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