By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

28 Weird Historical Photos That NEED To Be Explained… Starting With Abraham Lincoln’s Hands.

We read about historical events all the time, but usually, the only things that get written about are the events with great historical significance. While those are important, there are also little moments throughout history that, while they didn't make a great impact on the world, had just as much historical significance.

These are the small moments that make up our cultural narrative, and without images like this, they would be lost in time forever. Take a look at some of these moments below: #23 is so inconspicuous, but there's something about it that will definitely make you smile.

#1. A woman demonstrating on of the more creative accessories of the Prohibition era: The cane-flask.

#2. Frank Sinatra getting his shave on in 1965.

#3. Fraternity brothers participating in a panty raid at the University of Southern California, sometime during the 1950's.

#4. The fanfare for Queen Elizabeth II during her first official visit to Germany in 1965.

#5. A restored photograph of officer Alfred Cheetham on the British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914.

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