By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

24 Compulsive Cats Who Need To Admit They Have A Hoarding Problem.

In the wild, cats often hoard useful things, like bedding and food for their young, or trophies of their most recent hunt. Pet cats do the same thing, as anyone who has ever been presented with a dead mouse can attest. However, sometimes, cats' hoarding behavior is inexplicable - and that's when they start to take all of your stuff.

According to experts, collecting small objects doesn't really make biological sense for cats. In other words, it serves no practical use, but is just something that cats do for fun. That being said, it's pretty clear that these 24 cats are having the time of their lives. #22 looks so proud.

#1. Hovering triumphantly over his collection of caps.

#2. Collecting, well, everything.

#3. Can't wait to show of his prized possessions.

Can't wait to show of his prized possessions.

#4. Privately celebrates Christmas all year long.

#5. Just a man and his stash.

#6. Unashamed of what she chooses to collect.

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