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He Built A Hobbit Cellar In His Garden… And It Doesn’t Look Too Hard.

If you've ever had fantasies about selling your house and moving to the Shire to be with Bilbo Baggins and crew, then this guy's project is going to give you serious hovel-envy.

The project was posted to Reddit by the builder's brother, and while it's not a living space, it's still pretty awesome. Here's what the brother had to say:

My brother has ALWAYS been into building things and tinkering around with various projects since he was little. He is now 32 and in the process of building his own house - but, still likes to find time for side projects like this. He works for a trash-hauling company and was able to get his hands on these large cement pipes that had previously gone underneath the road. 30 days and 1k later, he had a huge root cellar to store maple syrup in that bears an uncanny resemblance to a hobbit hut.

What do you think? Would you store maple syrup - or possibly yourself- in this quaint little underground burrow? Check out the builder's progress below.

The huge cement pipes that provided the base for the cellar.

The pipes had to be positioned precisely into the ground.

Then, the pipes were pulled together using chains.

Since the parts were so heavy and difficult to place, the project took quite a long time.

The pipes were then covered in waterproofing material.

The far wall of the shelter was reinforced with cinder blocks.

Crushed stones were used to fill in the floor.

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