By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Strange Things Your Cat Does While You’re At Work…

If you've ever been suspicious that your cat was up some pretty weird s**t when you weren't home, suspect no longer: They are, and it's pretty hilarious to catch them in the act.

Below are 26 felines who wait for their humans to leave before they let the fun really begin, and what they choose to do when they are sans-human will make you laugh out loud. From raiding the fridge to practicing karate to a little bit of the classic "Netflix & Chill," these cats know that when the humans are away, it's time to play.

#1. Netflix & chill, of course.

Netflix & chill, of course.

#2. "Help" you out with the dishes.

#3. Walk on the ceiling like it's no big thing.

#4. Think about why bae hasn't texted back.

#5. Drink Jack Daniels until they black out.

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