By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

20 DIY Home Décor Ideas… #11 Would Make Martha Stewart Jealous.

Look around your home: Do you find that it all looks a little tired, and perhaps need an upgrade? Do you also not want to spend the time and money it takes to endlessly search through store after store, searching for something you actually like? Well, look no further. These 20 DIY home decor projects might take a little time and money, but since you're the one behind the wheel, you're guaranteed to feel satisfied when you're finally finished. #18 is totally impressive, and would look great in your front hallway.

#1. Use a drawer as clever storage.

Spray paint an old drawer and the possibilities are endless. You can use it to store candles and vases, and the knobs make excellent jewelry hangers as well.

#2. Make art from twigs.

Framing twigs in simple black and hanging them in succession create a minimal look that will make your wall look awesome.

#3. Braid a colorful rug.

T-shirts aren't to be thrown out simply because they have holes. Try cutting them into strips and braiding them together to create this DIY that will brighten any room.

#4. Piece together a wardrobe.

This particular wardrobe was made from wooden feet, shutters, and a bookshelf, all painted and distressed to perfection.

#5. Create an origami pendant light.

This is one of the best DIY projects we've ever seen. It's gorgeous, not too difficult, and would immediately impress all of your friends. If you've got the time, this pendant would look great in multiples across your ceiling.

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