By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

18 DIY Projects That You’ve Never Heard Of… But Will Definitely Want To Try.

DIY's have gotten incredibly popular, and in order to stay fresh, DIY'ers have had to get even more ingenius. Suddenly, do-it-yourself projects have become an entire universe of crafty and creative, with each new tutorial seeming better than the last.

Here, we've compiled 18 awesome ideas for DIYs from around the Internet. Check them out, Google the tutorials, and start turning your home into your own epic DIY fantasy.#12 would look awesome in your kitchen.

#1. A coat rack that branches out.

By spray painting branches and affixing them between floor and ceiling, you can create an awesome coat rack that will have guests impressed as soon as they step in the front door.

#2. Say it with string.

Weave string across a canvas to create this interesting wall hanging for your home - google "wall string art" for tutorials.

#3. A touch of sparkle.

Twinkle lights can add a certain ambiance to any space. Put them in outdoor spaces for a magical touch at summertime dinner parties.

#4. A fresh new outdoor seat.

Proof that anything can be repurposed to create something great.

#5. Wall birdcages that make your heart sing.

Wooden birdcages can be found relatively inexpensively at your local craft store, and by painting them in vivid colors, you can create great wall art for you home. Bonus: Extra shelving.

#6. A lampshade that's all buttoned up.

Just sew them on like you would on a jacket!

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