By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Was Photographing The Homeless, But She Didn’t Expect To Find Her Father Among Them.

Diana Kim first discovered her passion for photography with the help of her father, who owned a photography studio. She carried that passion with her through the years as she faced her parents separation and homelessness.

Now, she works as a professional photographer in Oahu, documenting the city's homeless. While she was out taking photos, she encountered someone she didn't expect. What happened next is absolutely heartbreaking.

This is a photo of Diana and her father when she was just a child.

After years of lost contact, Kim found her father again, but his circumstances were dire: He was painfully thin, homeless, and his schizophrenia had gotten extreme.

It took Diana awhile to approach her father and photograph him, but for the most part, he seemed unresponsive.

Half the time when Diana was around, her father refused to make eye contact with her. Bit by bit, though, she started to reconnect with him.

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