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24 Famous People Who Used To Be Homeless. #5 Is Shocking!

Some of the world’s most famous people struggled for money before they rose to fame. Some weren’t just poor, but actually homeless and living on the streets not knowing where their next meal was coming from, or where they would rest their heads.

#1. Shania Twain

Shania lived with her family in a shelter in Toronto so they would have enough food to eat. She began singing in bars at the age of 8 to help support her family.

Shania Twain


#2. Sean Parker

Before he launched Napster, Sean lived on other peoples couches and didn’t have a place to call his own.

Sean Parker


#3. Cary Grant

He was abandoned by his father when he was 10 years old and his mother was in an institution so Cary spent his childhood in Southampton, England sleeping in alley ways and getting jobs where he could on the docks.

Cary Grant


#4. Col. Harland Sanders

Colonel Sanders was homeless for a majority of his life. He and his wife lived out of a car while he was trying to convince restaurants to sell his chicken recipe.

Col. Harland Sanders


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