By Sheyla

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The 18 Worst (Funniest) Homemade Pools Ever Made, #11 Is My Idea Of Heaven.

As much fun as summer is, the one thing most people have to contend with is staying cool. With temperatures soaring into triple digits, we tend to look for a place to relax and not feel like a baked potato.The perfect place to enjoy the blistering heat while keeping both temperatures and our mood chilled is a nice pool.

Of course, overcrowding in public aquatic facilities can become an issue. Thanks to some very smart and out-of-the-box thinking individuals, we now have options to create our own pool, without dropping thousands of dollars. Admittedly, some of the things used are highly unorthodox and in some cases not safe, but the level of creativity is quite admirable, if not comical.

After looking at the following photos of home-made pools, one question remains: what will happen to these structures when winter comes? Perhaps turning them into ice rinks is the logical solution.

#1. Pool on wheels.

Pool on wheels.

#2. No pool, no problem.

No pool, no problem.

#3. All good until someone parks a car in that spot.

All good until someone parks a car in that spot.

#4. Someone forgot the filter.

Someone forgot the filter.

#5. Why not?

Why not?

#6. They finally got a pool!

They finally got a pool!

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