By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

His Technique Is Highly Unusual… But Wait Till You See The Photos.

Blake Little has been a professional photographer since the early 80's, with much of his work involving celebrities. He has been published in a range of magazines from Time to Rolling Stone to ESPN.

On one photo shoot, Little worked with honey. He noticed how dipping a hand in honey seemed to give the feeling of being preserved in amber. After much experimentation, the series "Preservation" was created.

Little chose to "preserve" a wide variety of subjects, and has captured people fully encased in honey; including infants, adults, and even animals! The photos are reminiscent of prehistoric insects captured in amber, completely frozen in time.

Enjoy the photographs and watch the video at the end to see how Little worked his sweet, sticky magic.

Caution: The photographs and the video contain some nudity.

Source: Blake Little