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By Camila Villafañe

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Tourist Learns The Hard Way NOT To Pour Water Over The Hoover Dam.

Most of us have often wondered why we are unable to walk freely on a wall or fall upwards since our childhood days. There is a simple explanation for it and it's called gravity. It is the very force that holds you down to the ground on the Earth. As kids we all wished we could defy the laws of physics or so called principles so that we could fly high in the sky or walk on a the surface of the ocean, lake, or river. People have been coming up with various ideas to try and defy the laws of physic. One girl had the intention of performing the same gravity defying experiment that Isaac Newton himself attempted. To take on this challenge of defying the theory of gravity, she chose the best location possible, the Hoover Dam.

A plethora of tourists visit the Hoover Dam every single year.

Each year about a million tourists visit the dam and many more drive across it because of its idyllic location, which happens to be about 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas. You can easily cover the Hoover in a day.

The Hoover Dam is regarded as a gravitational anomaly!

It was built during the Great Depression (1931-1936) between the states of Nevada and Arizona by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It is considered the largest dam in the world and the second most populated bridge in America. It has recently become an internet sensation working against gravitational laws. Newton must be rolling in his grave!

An entire city was built so that the people constructing it could live there.

It took five long years to build the Hoover Dam, originally named the Boulder Canyon. Most jobless people were offered work and since the construction was going to go on for a while, they were provided with shelter.

Human beings have an innate tendency to find reasons to live and give meaning to things!

Humans are a curious species. We owe our discoveries, inventions and development to the innate need of asking "why" for everything. We have found the reasons for so many things like, why do people have psychological disorders? Or why are some people such big weirdos? Recently, Leslie Hutchings went on a quest to understand gravity and hopefully figure out how to defy it.

Leslie the Explorer was one of the ‘curious visitors’ to visit the arch-gravity Hoover Dam.

She discovered another fascinating secret of how nature works in its mysterious and/or man-made ways. She stood at the edge of the ledge and emptied a water bottle above the running water of the dam.

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