By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Horse’s Hair Is So Ridiculously Cool You Can’t Even Handle It.

Horses are elegant animals with beautiful, shiny coats that just add to their allure. It may seem that for cold winter months, it's wiser to keep the coat thicker and long. Nonetheless, horses have a hard time being comfortable with a long coat and often struggle to keep their bodies dry as they sweat from exercise.

A business in England, JMC Equestrian Driving & Custom Clipping, is not only giving these stunning creatures a trim but actually making their bodies into a moving piece of art. For their latest do, they used Romeo as their model for a medieval look. It's hard to believe this intricate and visually stunning look was accomplished using clippers.

In order to get Romeo to stay still, he was spoiled with treats.

No templates are used, it's all freehand.

Romeo is a Welsh section D breed.

The medieval look is called "Armour De L'Amour," or "Armor of Love."

The armor design features hearts, a sword, and what looks like tassels.

Camels get cool haircuts too.

Source: Facebook