Funny Horse Refuses To Let Reporter Do His Job On Live TV.

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It’s said that animals are great judge of characters. They can sense when a human has good or ill intentions towards them or others. Therefore, it makes sense when they meet someone they feel really good about, they want to get close and comfortable right away.

One horse may have liked a human a little too much. A Greek reporter from Makedonia TV was trying to deliver his intro in front of the camera but a horse named Frankie didn’t want to be famous, he wanted to cuddle. The man tried very hard educate his viewers on dressage exercises but he could not get past a couple of sentences without getting nudged, licked, and sniffed by Frankie.

Instead, of getting upset at Frankie, the journalist was unable to contain his giggles at the situation. We are not sure if the man ever completed his story based on the endless outtakes caught on video. One thing is for sure, he has gained a new fan and friend.

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