By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Tiny Toddler Take Her Horse For A Walk…Such Confident Cuteness.

There is a special and unbreakable bond that exists between people and their animal friends. It may be hard to pinpoint the exact moment where that great connection is made but it is safe to say, it only gets stronger with each passing moment.

In this video, a little girl named Emma walks a horse named Cinnamon down a snowy path. The gentle giant follows her with quiet affection that is indescribable, At one moment, Emma drops the rein as it becomes tangled around her little leg but her equine pal does not dart away nor pose any challenge; it waits faithfully for the little girl to regain her composure before the two continue walking. It also appears as though the horse is caressing the little girl by gently nudging its face against hers in a beautiful show of a blossoming friendship.

This video may show the exact moment where a lifelong companionship was born.

Source: CutiesNFuzzies