Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Woman Gave Birth In Japan. Here's Some Of The Delicious Food She Was Served.

Can you go to Japan solely to have your baby there and get fed?

You sure can and you can enjoy some mushroom pasta, potato salad, broccoli and bacon salad, chicken soup, fruit, bread, and green tea. Just don't expect to get Japanese citizenship. That's really tough to get there.

A hospital stay in Japan sounds like it's definitely worth whatever the cost might be.

Not only do you get to enjoy cod, shredded cabbage salad, pasta salad, sweet potato and peas, rice, and green tea, but also advice like how not to smother your kids or shake them hard.

The Japanese government is known for spoiling children with a number of programs.

This definitely helps to ensure that kids are well cared for in their society. But of course, mommy deserves some TLC too, like some salmon, tofu, spinach salad, natto, miso soup, rice, and milk.

Japanese food is good everywhere, but you don't have to get pregnant to enjoy it.

Chicken with mushroom sauce, braised pumpkin and pork, daikon carrot salad, rice, miso soup, and chawan mushi.

With menus like these, who needs to go to a restaurant in Japan?

You just have to find someone to knock you up and head to Japan so you can stay at a clinic or hospital and enjoy some fried fish with tartar sauce, braised mountain potatoes, hijiki salad, spinach and carrot stir fry, rice, and green tea.

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