Determined Dog Shows Up At Hospital Where Owner Is Battling Cancer

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The universe can be pretty powerful, and it seems like those powers were at play when Sissy, a miniature Schnauzer, found her way to her owner's hospital bed. Making her way from her home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sissy traveled 20 blocks to find Nancy Franck, who had been in the hospital for about two weeks trying to recover after a surgery, part of her battle with uterine cancer.

Navigating her way through the busy streets and into the hospital, Sissy was determined to reunite with Nancy. She got there, only being stumped by the elevator inside.

Luckily, a staff member at the hospital scooped her up and called the number on her tag, only to be surprised to learn that Nancy was actually a patient! Given the circumstances, the hospital had to let Sissy come for a visit, and Nancy was reunited with her resolute pup. Check out the heartwarming video below!


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