By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Is This The World’s Sexiest Grandpa? We Vote ‘Yes!’

This grandpa looks nothing like the grandpas we had growing up. The sexy and well dressed dad has been making women swoon online with his pose and muscular body since his images have gone viral online with the hashtag #MrStealYourGrandma.

Irvin Randle is shocked by all the attention and colourful comments but says he has “always dressed like this. I’ve just been wearing things a little tighter that’s all.” And it’s not just the grandmas that are falling in love with Randle, women of all ages cannot get enough of the 54-year-old.

Just when you think there is nothing more that can make this man hotter, it turns out he is a teacher in Houston, Texas. We bet all the moms anxiously await for parent-teacher interviews.

Irvin admits he does not feel 54 years old. He loves fashion and buys magazines like GQ for expert advice on what to wear.

Randle found out he was social media famous when his daughter called him from California telling him he was trending on Twitter.

Randle said he was not on Twitter and had no idea what "trending" meant.

The teacher says his look has actually gotten better with age.

"I work out. So let me show the grandmas what they want to work with," jokes Randle.

The most popular grandpa has over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Randle plans on finally getting his own Twitter account, he just wants someone to help him set it up. We can find him volunteers for that.

Source: Huffington Post