By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Artist Is Too Witty For His Own Good, And Hides These Hidden Messages Everywhere.

David Bussell always leaves feedback about his hotel room stay. Except it's probably never seen by staff. The Brit writes Hotel Graffiti, a series of funny and critical notes left behind in unlikely places in his hotel rooms. Despite his graffiti work, Bussell has not received any complaints or charges for vandalism. Probably because he leaves his work hidden behind wall frames, drawers, toilet tank covers, and even microwaves.

The comedian has been writing and drawing his graffiti since 2006 in every location he has stayed at like Cuba, Canada, Iceland, Belgium, and even the USA. Bussell hopes that one day he will know his messages have been found. “Nothing would make me happier than someone sending me a photo of one of my pieces they found by accident,” says Bussell.

Maybe you have found his work already!

Glasgow, UK. 2015

Helsinki, Finland. 2015.

Tokyo, Japan. 2009

Playa Ancon, Cuba. 2012

Denver, Colorado. USA. 2011

Bucharest, Romania. 2010

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