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By Krista Miranda

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24 Useful Hotel Hacks Every Traveler Should Know.

#11. Hotel Lotion Trick

If you're planning to meet a special someone for dinner, or you have a business meeting to attend, then your shoes need to shine. Unfortunately, most people don't carry shoeshine around with them, but that doesn't mean that your shoes have to look dingy. Just grab the complimentary lotion and rub a little on your shoes!

Hotel Lotion Trick

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#12. Dryer Sheets

Anytime you stay someplace new, you risk the chance of your clothes smelling like that. When you visit several places, your clothes begin to get a weird mixture of odors on them, which can be pretty gross. Solve this problem by adding some dryer sheets to your luggage!

Dryer Sheets


#13. Freshen The Room

Also, if your hotel room smells bad, which can happen more often than not, grab those dryer sheets from your bag and put them to good use elsewhere. Place one over the room's A/C unit and say goodbye to bad smells!

#14. Empty Glass Speaker

It's easy to get into a deep sleep when you're in a comfy hotel bed. If you need an early morning wake-up, but you're afraid that you won't hear your alarm, put your phone in an empty glass to amplify the sound!

Empty Glass Speaker


#15. Pillow Fix

We all have a specific way we like to sleep. Personally, the softer the pillow the better, but some people don't like that. If you're one of those people, just grab a towel from the hotel bathroom and use it to replace that overly fluffy pillow on the bed!

Pillow Fix


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