By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Insider Secrets The Big Hotel Chains Don’t Want You To Know About.

#8. Want an upgrade?

Do not ask for an upgrade when other guests can hear you. Politely and quitely ask and quite possibly you may receive. A tip discreetly given to the front desk clerk may help.

#9. Hotels pay a commission to online agents up to 30%.

Instead of booking online, call the hotel to book your room and sweet talk your way into an easy 20% savings on the room rate, just by being nice and asking them directly.

#10. Don't use the glasses.

One of the best glass cleaners is furniture polish. Your room glass may be very clean, but was it cleaned with furniture polish and wiped with the same rag that was used on the counters?

#11. Always tip your housekeeper.

Housekeepers typically make minimum wage and have more rooms to properly clean than is humanly possible. A small tip on the pillow will make a world of difference in the job that is done in your room.

Always tip your housekeeper.


#12. Watch out for scams.

A big scam around vacation time is to call hotel rooms in the middle of the night and request your credit card information. If the hotel needs it they will let you know during daylight hours and it will be taken care of at the front desk, not by outside phone line.

#13. Take the soap if you want it.

Nicer hotels have better quality toiletries and once the packaging is opened the housekeeper throws them away. Most hotels expect the guests to take the soap, the shampoo, and other items in the bathroom. Don't take the towels, linen or other items in the room - if you do, you'll be billed.

#14. Be respectful of when you call the front desk.

If you call the front desk between check in and check out time (usually 11:00 to 2:00) chances are you might not be pleasantly received. If you call the front desk at a less busy time you will be treated much less hastily and may get that special service you request.

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