By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch The World’s Hottest Pepper Bringing Man-Tears To This Celebrity…

There is a very rare group of people that love spicy food. It may not be about enjoying the flavours of a delicious meal but rather being able to challenge themselves to see how much heat their tongues can handle.

For the TV show Hot Ones, host Sean Evans meets the king of spice Chili Klaus from Denmark. The two men sat together for a drink and a Carolina Reaper. The Carolina pepper is the world’s hottest pepper: it’s a fusion of a ghost pepper and red habanero.

We may assume that since Evans and Klaus are aficionados when it comes to eating fiery chilies, their new challenge might be easy for them. After dipping the fruit in water, you will see every possible reaction from the tough guys; from tears, hiccups, swearing, and even declaring their love for each other. This video is painfully hilarious.

Next, watch the Danish National Symphony Orchestra eat a spicy pepper mid-way through their performance.

Source: First We Feast