By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Couple Live Off-Grid In A ‘Fairy Tale’ RV… Wait Till You See What It Does.

It is very cool to live in a factory designed RV or truck camper, but nothing beats designing your own house truck. A very architectural and ambitious couple Justin and Jola, decided to design not only a house truck but actually create a fold out dream castle.

The castle-truck does not need to be plugged in or charged as it has built in solar panels, and wetback fire. Additionally, it collects and stores rain water. This new vehicle-castle contraption has been receiving a lot of positive feedback for its ingenuity but also for achieving an eco-living without losing things we deem as essentials: kitchen, warm water, bathroom, shower and even a tub at the top of the truck.

Justin and Jola are like the king and queen of the road in their mobile castle.

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Source: Living Big In A Tiny House