By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

I Just Watched This Harrowing Video… Now I’m NEVER Leaving My Dog Alone Again.

It's easy to imagine your dog having a blast when you leave the house - grabbing himself some snacks, he makes his way to the TV room to sit and drool on all your favorite furniture. Eventually, he heads to the kitchen for some trash-time, but not before stopping by your bedroom floor to relieve himself.

When you return home, it feels like he's spent his entire day acting like the worst roommate you've ever had, causing you to shame him into his crate while asking him "Why can't we just have nice things?"

But did you ever stop to think why your dog does the things he does when you leave the house? Even worse, what if you found out that your dog was actually sad to see you go? These British dog owners wanted to find out what went on when they left - what they discovered is actually a little heartbreaking.

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Source: Hoy Zeyn