By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Hug Chair Is Better Than A Boyfriend (And Smells Less Too.)

After a long, hard day at work, sometimes all we need to soothe our souls is a warm, comforting hug. But if you don't have anyone at home waiting for you, that becomes somewhat difficult. Well, not anymore: The Hug Chair can hug you anytime you need it, and if you manage to obtain one of these, it won't leave until you ask it to.

Here's what it says on the Hug Chair's website:

Because the sofa gives the feeling of being alive, it will hold you warm and soft like your mother, friend, and a lover without feeling lonely. It will present the dream of innocent childhood by giving the feeling of the soft heart of mother or the arms of the doll wrapping around you in your childhood.

That seems like a tall order from an inanimate object, but judging by how comfy it looks, we'd totally give it a shot.

It's just sitting there, waiting to hug you.

And when it does, it looks like the best thing in the world.

Two Hug Chairs would be totally overwhelming.

And it looks pretty comfortable outside of the whole hugging thing, too.

Still though: Hugging it seems to be the best option.

Would you be into a cuddly chair like this one?

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Source: competition.adesignaward