By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Guy Using A GIANT Tire As A Hula Hoop… You’ll Feel Bad For His Ribs.

Hula hoops have become that classic childhood toy we either love or hate. The conflicting feelings are usually based on whether the kid is really good at twirling the hoop above the hips or just cannot get one spin without the hula immediately falling to the floor.

The child that is really talented with the plastic tubing will often go out of his or her way to show off their skills. Aside from swaying with the hips, hula hoops can be twirled on the neck, arms, and even ankles. The multi-talented ones will dance with multiple hoops at once.

But for all those kids who claim to be masters of hula hooping, there is a new kid in town. Or in this case a grown-man. In this video, you will see this guy hula hoop with a 120-pound tractor tire. We are not sure how this mystery man discovered this hidden talent, but we are definitely impressed.

Source: Live Leak