By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Watching These Paintings Go From Start To Finish Is Just Surreal, And He Does It On A Surfboard.

Sean Yoro, aka Hula, loves being around water so much that it has become part of his work space. The Hawaiian artist takes his acrylic paints, brushes and his surfboard to create large scale paintings along bodies of water. The idea came from one of his assignments shooting underwater photography. "I knew I wanted to paint on or near the water. The final piece of the puzzle was adding the surfboard,” says Hula.

The stunning murals are of women who seem to be living elegantly on the water. The positioning of the portraits creates a surreal reflection on the water. Hula has flirted with different mediums like graffiti, tattoo art and watercolor. Later, he moved on to female portraits on canvass and surfboards.

Despite maintaining his concentration on his work while balancing himself and tools on the surfboard, the New York-based artist says the difference of painting outside of a studio is that, “you have to learn to adapt quickly, also letting go of thinking you are in control.”

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Source: Capture Flow