By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

175lb Guard Dog Called ‘Hulk’ Shatters EVERY Single Misconception About Pit Bulls.

When you name your dog Hulk, you have to have some pretty big expectations. At almost 174 pounds, this pit bull has certainly the large size to live up to its name, but it is as tender and gentle as a stuffie.

Only 17 months old, Hulk is expected to still grow. The gentle giant loves playing horse with his human friend, three-year-old Jordan. The two are also a bit of a musical duo with Jordan playing the harmonica and Hulk providing vocals.

Marlon and Lisa Grennan run a canine breeding and training kennel, Dark Dynasty K9s, specializing in police and guard dogs. They have had offers in the thousands of dollars to sell Hulk. Nonetheless, Hulk is a family member who is not for sale. It’s safe to say that wannabe intruders would likely soil themselves if they came across Hulk. To his family, Hulk is more likely to sneak up and deliver cuddles than pose any danger.

This is Hulk as a puppy.

Jordan enjoys getting a ride on Hulk's back.

Owner Lisa Grennon and Hulk.

Hulk is a lover.

Lisa Grennan, Jordan, and Hulk pose for a photo.

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