By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

36 Powerful Photographs Of Beautiful Humans In Ugly Circumstances.

Extreme violence, war, poverty, struggle, and uncertainty: Human beings across the globe are experiencing hardship at any given time, and it's at these times that human compassion matters the most.

Below are 36 photos that prove that human beings are capable empathy, selflessness, and love - even when faced with the most difficult situations imaginable.

#1. In the Russian town of Beslan, armed men and women seized a local school. Here, a Russian police officer carries a baby from the school to safety.

#2. American soldiers dance with Dutch children during World War II.

#3. During the Korean War, Pt. Dick L. Powell shares a meal with a puppy.

During the Korean War, Pt. Dick L. Powell shares a meal with a puppy.

#4. A medic bandages an injured child's foot during World War II.

#5. An East German soldier helps a boy pass the newly formed Berlin Wall, despite the fact that he was given specific orders not to.

#6. Christians protecting Muslims during worship in Cairo, Egypt.

#7. Riot police and protesters sharing the same emotion in Sofia, Bulgaria.

#8. A captured Ukranian woman is given water by a Soviet soldier in 1941.

#9. A firefighter giving a koala water after a serious bushfire in Victoria, Australia.

#10. Raymond Walker, a journalist, carries a child to safety during the Spanish Civil War.

#11. A Bosnian soldier caring for a baby saved during civil unrest.

#12. Ferguson community members protecting a store against looters.

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