By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

They Thought The Wind Tunnel Would Defeat The Hummingbird… They Were Spectacularly Wrong.

Whenever we think about hummingbirds, one or two things might come to mind like how they are very small and are able to flap their wings at a frenzied speed. But there is so much more to these truly amazing creatures than what we know. For example, the way in which hummingbirds flap their wings is completely different from all other birds in nature, and it has nothing to do with speed. Another interesting fact is the hummingbird’s ability to drink nectar in the most uninviting conditions with a precision that cannot be matched with a surgeon’s scalpel.

In the video below, scientists put these fascinating creatures in a wind tunnel to learn more about the animal. The outcome is unlike anything you have seen before.

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Source: Deep Look