By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Put A Heated Pad Under A Bird Feeder, But He Never Expected This To Happen.

In February of 2011, these Arizona residents experienced an unseasonably cold year. These homeowners had wintering hummingbirds in their yard, and they wanted to make sure to keep them warm and well-fed. Here's what the homeowners had to say on their YouTube page.

To keep their feeders from freezing I took their feeders in at night and put them out at firstlight. As cold as it was the feeders would start freezing after an hour or so. I decided to put a feeder on a heating pad when I put the food out before 1st light. My heart sang when I looked out the window and saw "Rocky" and "Adrian" (as I named them) actually sitting on the heating pad warming up while they ate.

The hummingbirds in question definitely appreciate the gesture, and what happened next is absolutely adorable.

Source: blueskeye