By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

These Hungry Animals Are Enjoying Dinner A Little TOO Much.

When you are hungry, food does not come fast enough. The same applies for animals. Even when their meal is served, our furry friends seem to have an insatiable hunger that is hard to satisfy. It may be they waited too long to eat or they are going through a growth spurt. When you have to eat, for these creatures, it’s, “get out of my way!”

The Pet Collective group has put together a mashup of some very ravenous animals called “Hungry Pets.” When watching the adorable clip you may recognize some humans that act the same way around food. They don’t look as funny as their animal counterparts though.

The dog at 0:55 is one of the smartest and self-sufficient pup I have ever seen.

Next, dogs that will stop at nothing for their next meal.

Source: The Pet Collective