Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

Inspiring Acts Of Kindness And Heroism In Harvey's Aftermath.

We live in a world where a natural disaster can strike at any given moment. The current situation in Texas is proof of that. Hurricane Harvey hit landfall as a Category 4, carrying with it winds of up to 130 mph, and an incredible amount of torrential rain. It has left people homeless on flooded streets. When times like this arise, it's important for people to come together and help those who aren't able to help themselves. There have been many heroes who have rushed to the aid of others. Their stories are inspirational ones. Stories that need to be shared in order to remind us of the greater good that is out there.

The Cajun Navy gathered their troops, ready to work, and hit the road to be of help, once again!

The Cajun Navy is a group of volunteers who rescued people during Hurricane Katrina. They traveled from Lousiana, in a caravan of pickup trucks, and helped people until the early hours of Monday morning.

Using boats, they battled the dangerous flooded streets to help those in need.

The risked their own lives to make a difference in someone else's life. That is the true definition of a hero!

Struggling with exhaustion, volunteers still manage to have smiles on their faces, even though the situation seemed grim.

Many organizations have been working around the clock to make sure others are safe. San Antonio Food Bank is doing what they do best.

Did you see the photo of the residents in the assisted living facility who were flooded with water up to their waists?

The National Guard showed up to relieve them. They got these elderly people to safety, and now, they're all safe and dry.

An incredible amount of volunteers strive to feed the many people who have lost everything.

Thanks to their work, San Antonio Food Bank was able to help thousands of people. This is what it looks like when people join forces to help those in need.

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