Watch This Woman Create Extraordinary Things With Make-Up.

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It's the makeup tutorial that you never knew you wanted but somehow always needed: A transformation from gorgeous Israeli artist to a Siberian Husky with soul-piercing blue eyes.

Alright, so maybe we didn't need this tutorial - but then again, makeup isn't usually about necessity, is it?

Ilana Kolihanov is the artist behind this spooky tutorial, and despite the fact that it might give you the creeps for a second, there's no denying that Kolihanov is insanely talented. The best part of this story? She uses her own dog as a template.

Here is the artist's inspiration, who is, by all counts, a very handsome dog.

Ilana Kolihanov

Kolihanov is quite beautiful herself, and an amazingly skilled makeup artist.

Ilana Kolihanov

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