At First You Think It’s A Normal Surfing Video, But When He Stands Up… I’m Speechless.

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Surfers live for that big wave they can ride and handle unscathed. It’s an adrenalin rush to surf a fast moving wall of water. Just as quickly as the wave builds up it quickly falls into flat water, making the rider sit and paddle back further into the ocean.

With the introduction of the hydrofoil boards, surfing is changing its game. The hydrofoil is a large wing-keel under the board that pushes the board out of the water. The surfer is literally riding on air with the keel being the only thing to have water contact. The hydrofoil also allows the surfer to remain standing after a wave while pumping the board to continue riding.

For world class surfer, Kai Lenny, hydrofoil surfing has brought a new dimension to his sport. “Hydrofoil Surfing has opened my world to new experiences and surfed spots I would have never looked twice at,” explains Lenny. In the video, the über athlete tries the new board in the Fijian island of Namotu.

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