By Sheyla

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These Unluckily Hilarious Wedding Announcements Will Bring A Naughty Smile To Your Face.

A name is not important, it is the essence of who the person is that makes the difference. Does a name define you or do you define the name? Shakespeare already asked that question for us in Romeo and Juliet in the following passage, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.”

There are some names, however, that you cannot help but question the origin, definition and purpose of. Here is where it gets interesting. When you combine surnames in marriage, those singular names completely change in their meaning when joining another.

No one is arguing that in our modern world, hyphenating names in marriage is the modern trend. If Shakespeare were alive today, he would definitely question his famous quote specially when looking at the name combinations below.

#1. Sharp-Payne


#2. Golden-Showers


#3. Hardy-Harr


#4. Best-Lay


#5. Cockman-Dickman


#6. Kuntz-Dick


#7. Long-Wiwi


#8. Speedy-Zieper


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