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Here’s The Reason Your Body Jerks Awake When You’re Falling Asleep.

There's a lot of dark speculation going around hypnagogic jerks, a phenomenon also known as hypnic jerks or sleep starts.

The hypnagogic state is a transitional one between that of wakefulness and sleep. A hypnic jerk is when you're abruptly woken up by your own twitching, or involuntary muscle spasms, soon after you fall asleep.

Oftentimes, the movements are associated with an image, bright lights, or loud noises, the intensity of which forces the individual to wake up. Some people have to be woken up or don't even remember the sensation at all. They are later informed of their movements by a witness.

A few sites out there point to this as a possible demonic health problem, but sleep starts are actually common occurrences. According to Live Science, some studies have indicated that 60 to 70 percent of people have experienced them.

Continuing reading to learn about what factors lead to these jolts and how you can prevent them.

Here's a scenario.

You go to your comfy bed, slip under the covers, and fall into a deep sleep. Everything is good.

A few moments later, you wake back up.

You don't know how long it's been, but it couldn't have been that long, and suddenly you wake up again. This is called hypnic jerk or sleep start.

Sometimes, the hypnic jerk is associated with an image.

One of the most common images during these early stages of sleep is that of falling.

You feel like you're falling and then suddenly you wake up.

You feel like the fall was never ending, but you happen to wake up right before it does. It's a huge relief.

You feel like you're falling and then suddenly you wake up.


This is Dr. Carl Bazil.

Dr. Bazil is the director of the Sleep Disorders Center at New York–Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. He told New York Magazine that the intensity varies from person to person.

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