By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Maid Of Honor Rap Her Speech To ‘Ice Ice Baby’… It’s Epic.

One of the biggest responsibilities of a maid of honor is to give an epic toast. That can mean a lot of things: Maybe you deliver a speech that's so heartfelt, it brings tears to everyone eyes. Maybe you tell stories from your past with the bride, leaving everyone screaming with laughter. Or maybe, just maybe, you pull out all the stops and create a personalized rap performance that no one -- not the bride, not the groom, and not the guests -- will ever forget.

That's exactly what this maid of honor did, and the results are pretty over-the-top. Penning her own lyrics to the iconic "Ice, Ice, Baby," Rachel Winterbottom turns her maid of honor speech into a masterful rap session -- make sure to hit the CC button for subtitles when watching the video below.

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Source: Hayley O'Brien