By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Chainsaw Ice Skating Is A Thing Now… And It Doesn’t Look Dangerous AT ALL.

At first glance, this video looks like something you'd definitely want to try on a cold winter's day if you happen to be near a frozen lake, especially with a few beers in your system. In fact, the activity seems like something that was ripped straight from your fearless childhood fantasies.

After watching the video and finding out what's really going on, your opinion of this situation might change entirely. In fact, you'll probably find yourself fearing for this guy's safety.

So many questions arose after watching this video. Is this chainsaw thing safe? Is the ice cracking? Is this man on some kind of psychotropic drug?

It turns out that Erik Sunnerheim is simply a Swede with a taste for adventure, including using a chainsaw to power himself around on ice skates. In fact, Sunnerheim has an entire Instagram page dedicated to his wild lifestyle - check him now, but definitely don't try it at home.

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Source: Mick's Best