By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

It Looks Like A Winter Photograph, But Look Closer… It Reveals Something Amazing.

Jenny Ayrton does not need to go very far to find inspiration for her work. A native of Devon, England, the glass artist knows that a casual walk on the beach or overlooking the green landscape gives her enough material for her sculptures.

Ayrton creates miniature scenes, locking them into a molten glass wonderland. Her pieces are made with delicate metal wires and sheets. Ayrton admits one of her favorite creation, “was a very sparse scene with a bench and a tree, so many people recognized their own special place in that simple scene, from countryside, to coastal, to garden settings.”

"Many of my scenes have a domestic twist and are directly influenced by my surroundings," says Ayrton.

Ayrton loves seeing children bored at her galleries only to find a connection with a glass piece.

"I have a young daughter and whenever possible I try to see the world from her viewpoint, I find inspiration in the mundane and overlooked; a washing line blowing wildly on the first day of spring, an unknown couple on a park bench, a door ajar giving just a glimpse of what lies within," explains Ayrton.

Watch this artist explain how she makes her sculptures.

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