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15 Of The Most Memorable Sports Photos Ever Taken.

There are some aspects of photography that can be boring, like sports photography, but sometimes a historical moment is captured. We've put together some photos that show some of the most memorable sports moments, some of them even destroyed careers.

Syracuse Herald

On August 18, 1923, Yankees batter, Babe Ruth, was on his way to an exhibition game and stopped by Syracuse, NY. There was a boys baseball game going on at Burnet Park, so Babe Ruth stopped by and umpired a few innings. As Babe Ruth began to leave, children rushed up to him and began tugging at his coat, but Babe Ruth just smiled.

Running a marathon is hard, but imagine doing it barefoot!

Record Breaking

Record Breaking

John G. Zimmerman

Due to the unbearable heat in Rome, the 1960 Olympics had to hold their marathon at night. Abebe Bikila, from Ethiopia, not only set a world record, but he was also the first black African Olympic champion, and he did it barefoot. Successfully defending his title, and breaking his own world record, Bikila ran again in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

This next picture might make you a bit dizzy.

On Top Of The World

On Top Of The World

George Silk

During the 1960 World Series, a dramatic battle ensued between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Yankees, held at the University of Pittsburgh. The Pirates took the title, putting an end to their 20-year losing streak. Pirates fans, who were watching the game on top of the University's Cathedral of Learning, became overwhelmed with excitement by the victory.

No one says that you can't have style if you're an athlete.

Glitter And Grit

Glitter And Grit

Neil Barr/Sports Illustrated

The Texas Track Club was one of the greatest all-girl track teams in Texas during the 1960s, but something else brought them fame. The girls' coach, Margaret "Flamin' Mamie" Ellison, required the girls to wear lots of makeup, have out-of-this-world hairdos, and sport spectacular uniforms. The attention they received helped pave the way for women's track in America.

It's unlikely that you'll catch a quarterback doing this today.

No Time To Worry

No Time To Worry

Bill Ray

January 15, 1967, was the day that the first ever Super Bowl was played. The Kansas City Chiefs were defeated by the Green Bay Packer, with a score of 35-10. The quarterback of the Chiefs, Len Dawson, seemed to be very relaxed since he spent the game smoking cigarettes and drinking Fresca. He would lead the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory and three AFL Championships!

How often do you get to see two legends together?

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