By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Moose Just Took The EXTREME Version Of The Ice Bucket Challenge.

When you see a moose in it's natural habitat, there's usually not a lot of activity going on. Moose are an awkward sort, more suited for standing in bogs and munching grass than a lot of strenuous physical activity -- when you have that much weight on legs so spindly, things can get weird.

This moose, however, defies all moose expectations. Instead of lolling about in a marsh, this moose is headed out for an extremely icy plunge in Kelligrews, Canada. For a moose, his swim game is super strong -- and he's going to make you want to take a dip yourself (but perhaps in some warmer water).

Here's a moose and her adorable twins playing in the sprinklers.

Source: Channel 83