By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

In Northern Canada It’s FREEZING… So They Hold A Totally Weird Contest.

Want to get a firm hold that lasts all day, without the sticky side-effects of hairspray or tacky residue of hair gel? Visit the Takhini Hot Pools for hair that stays in place for as long as you'd like it - or at least until it warms up.

The Takhini Hot Pools are located just outside of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. They're a set of naturally occurring hot springs that have been commandeered by a private spa facility. Patrons of the spa are encouraged to strip down, step in, and lay in the hot water until their hair and bodies are soaked. In the winter, the outdoor temperature is cold enough to hold hair into place, resulting in artfully sculpted, perfectly frozen hairdos that you could never dream of achieving with a bottle of AquaNet. In fact, the spa holds a contest for the best frozen coif - looking at the photos below, who would you crown the winner?