By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Sayings From Around The World... That You’ll Want To Use Today.

Maybe you're the type of person who thinks everything is a piece of cake. Maybe you put your pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else. Maybe you only see eye-to-eye with someone once in a blue moon.

Are you sensing a pattern here? In English, idioms are extremely common and diverse. Of course, an idiom's figurative meaning is often quite different from it's literal one, a fact that can be lost in translation.

Other languages have idioms too, but deciphering them can be confusing and might have you letting the frog out of your mouth (check out #9 for a details).

#1. “Into the mouth of a wolf.”

Language: Italian Translation: In bocca al lupo Meaning: Good luck!

#2. “Not my circus, not my monkey."

Language: Polish Translation: Nie mój cyrk, nie moje malpy. Meaning: Not my problem!

#3. “To have a wide face.”

Language: Japanese Translation: Kao ga hiro i. Meaning: To have many friends.

#4. “To have the midday demon.”

Language: French Translation: Le démon de midi. Meaning: To have a midlife crisis.

#5. “To feed the donkey sponge cake.”

Language: Portuguese Translation: Alimentar um burro a pão-de-ló. Meaning: To give good treatment to someone who doesn’t need it.

#6. “A cat’s jump.”

Language: German Translation: Katzensprung! Meaning: A short distance away!

#7. “To give someone pumpkins.”

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