By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

IKEA Doll Beds Are Being Repurposed By These Genius Cat-Lovers.

There is always something to find at Ikea that can be put to good use and the latest craze will surprise you. People are purchasing the Duktig doll’s bed and turning them into a comfy and perfectly sized bed for their cats. The wooden pine bed comes with its own bedlinen and retails for an affordable $19.99.

For those families that have more than one feline around, they simply buy two and turn them into bunkbeds. The tiny furniture has a slit on the headboards for the kitties to comfortably stick their tails out. The felines love their new resting place where they cuddle to their favourite blanket and stuffies. This just proves cats are more human than we realize.

This kitty cat has a mouse to nap with.

A pillow is a must when resting.

Feeling happy on his bed.

The wooden beds can be painted to match the room's decor.