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By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

People Are Making Clothes Out Of IKEA’s Blue Bag.

A new trend has recently come about and everyone's joining in on it. You've might have seen some photos of it online — people have started making clothes out of IKEA bags.

It all started when Balenciaga released a $2,145 bag that literally looks like an IKEA bag. Why pay over two grand for something that you can get for 99 cent? It created uproar on the Internet and as a result, started a new trend.

Some of the creations are kind of ridiculous, while others actually look quite functional. Check out some of the creations below.

#1. Ikea Apron

You can just wipe any spillage off instead of having to throw it into the washing machine. This is brilliant!

 Ikea Apron

#2. Ikea Bag

This one's great production! It looks like a very functional lightweight messenger bag.

Ikea Bag

#3. Ikea Handbag

A cute little purse to hold all your everyday items, as long as they're small.

#4. Ikea Hat

These remind me of the old Asian lady hats that my grandmother wears.

#5. Ikea Trousers

A creative version of what I would have assumed someone's version of "Ikea trousers" would be.

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