By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Guy Annoys His Girlfriend With IKEA Product Names, And I Can't Stop Laughing. LOL!

In my experience, dealing with IKEA means committing a lot of time and energy to being confused. Don't get me wrong: IKEA's products are amazing, they hold up well, and they're affordable. But being in an IKEA store - they're all massive - is overwhelming, and the Swedish names of each item doesn't help you figure things out any faster.

That's why I can appreciate this brilliant man, who passed the time at IKEA by doing something absolutely hilarious. While his girlfriend might not find it that funny, she can rest assured knowing that her beloved boyfriend did the rest of us a great and noble service. Unlike a Saturday morning at IKEA, this video will make you laugh out loud.

Here's something they've been doing at IKEA stores and it's awesome.

Source: Zk1p Craters