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20 Different Ways To Say ‘Sorry,’ But Save #14 For When You Really Screw Up.

Apologizing isn't easy. For certain people, it takes awhile for them to admit they're wrong. But even when that person is ready to admit it, that doesn't necessarily mean the other person will forgive so easily.

Repeatedly saying "I'm sorry" in person, in text, on social media doesn't always work. If you really want to show that person that you're sorry, you have to be creative and think outside of the box. Give them an apology that'll make them smile at the same time.

Check out some creative and original ways to say "I'm sorry" down below.

#1. DIY Cake Icing

Buy or make them a cake without icing on top. Then use your own icing to write an apology message on top of the cake. Be creative!

DIY Cake Icing

#2. Message in a Bottle

Be simple and leave them a sorry note that clearly says "I'm sorry" in big letters inside a bottle.

#3. Candy Gram

Combine all their favorite candy together to create the ultimate candy gram for them! Write clever notes pertaining to the candy you chose like "I'm such an airhead, I'm sorry for making 100 (1oo grand) mistakes."

#4. Baked Goods

If you can bake and your person's got a sweet tooth, bake their favorite baked goods and place them inside a lunch bag. On the outside of the bag, write “I’m sorry you were right. l DOUGH make a ton of mistakes, please accept my yummy apologies."

#5. Chalkboard Apology

Write "Can we just ERASE it and start over?" on a chalkboard and leave the eraser hanging on the side. And then anxiously wait to see if they pick up that eraser.

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